nonsense, rubbish, balls. A popular example of rhyming slang (from 'cob-bler's awls') which is often used in igno-rance of its vulgar derivation. Formerly used literally by cockneys to mean the testicles, the word is old, but was given widespread currency in the 1960s by such TV comedies as Steptoe and Son.
► He is dismissive about awards: "A load of cobblers".' (Observer, Section 5, 9 April 1989)

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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  • cobblers — noun a) testicles. Then she only goes and kicks me right in me cobblers, don’t she!<!the incorrect grammar is illustrative and intentional b) Nonsense. Stop talking cobblers. Load of old cobblers Syn: policeSynonyms …   Wiktionary

  • cobblers — • Rhyming Slang, short for cobblers awls , balls . Used as a general swear word much in the way balls is. eg. That s a right load of old cobblers or as a one word disagreement Cobblers ! . Also used for testicles …   Londonisms dictionary

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  • cobblers — /ˈkɒbləz/ (say kobluhz) Colloquial –plural noun 1. testicles. 2. nonsense; rubbish. –phrase 3. a load of old cobblers, a lot of nonsense. {rhyming slang, cobbler s awls balls} …   Australian English dictionary

  • Cobblers — 1) balls, testicles; 2) Balls!= Rubbish!, Nonsence! …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • cobblers — Australian Slang 1. balls, testicles; 2. Balls!= Rubbish!, Nonsence! …   English dialects glossary

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